Muscle Medics Therapeutic and Sports Massage(sm) opened in 1997 in Weymouth Landing. It was founded by Clarene DiBona, one of the team massage therapists for the New England Patriots. The practice has steadily grown, primarily by word of mouth and what used to be a one room/one therapist office is now a four treatment room office, a few miles down the road, with nine therapists on staff.

As an established business on the south shore, Muscle Medics has weathered the recession and continues to thrive because of the quality of work and experience of staff. The team at Muscle Medics is the most qualified, has the most years and variety of experience collectively than any other massage practice in the area.

We are primarily a medical massage practice. We work with soft tissue injuries and chronic pain. We welcome athletes both professional and weekend warrior. We work with folks who labor hard for a living and have overuse injuries. Prenatal massage is one of our specialties. We also provide massage for stress relief and relaxation. If you just want a mini-vacation, come and visit.

It is because of our good reputation that many physicians, physical therapists, chiropractors, trainers, counselors, and the general populous recommends us to their patients, clients and friends.




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Muscle Medics Therapeutic & Sports Massage is committed to providing quality care in a safe, trusting environment. We will respect your confidence and dignity. We will refer you to the proper healthcare provider if your malady is beyond our scope of practice. We will make every effort to give you what most of our clients say was
"the best massage ever".

879 Main St.
Weymouth, MA 02190